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A picture is worth a 1000 words,

but a MODEL is worth a 1000 pictures

We make 3D house models which can be a big help for architects, builders, developers and buyers.
3D scale model, complete with a removable roof and top floors - the best way for your clients to visualise their dream home before it gets built, allowing for key aesthetic and functional decisions to be made, significantly improving the outcome of the project.
Higher reality during the design phase makes for better decision making and an end result which better reflects your clients dreams.
Our models are not just a piece of 3D printed plastic - they include a lot of other materials and features which create an unique look and feel.
We offer:
  • An easy online quotation,
  • Convert your 2D drawings and images to 3D printed files.
  • Fixed price for every job.
  • Exceptional quality and attention to details.
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